About Tantrik Quest

The inspiration behind the course

After many requests, interviews and surveys, as well as much research and a lot of reflection, Tantrik Quest was born.

The course has been designed to specifically meet the needs of anyone who is curious about what Tantra has to offer.

This is an introductory, but thorough offering, aimed at those interested in exploring the fundamentals of Classical Tantra.

This program is designed for both beginners and those already walking the path.

If you've spent time going around in circles in the Neo-Tantra world thinking you were studying 'authentic, traditional Tantra,' then this program is for you.

If you've spent years thinking that Yoga and Tantra were more or less the same things, with the same goals, the same path, just different names, (but you're starting to realise that) then this course is for you.

If you've realised that you're carrying around a total mish-mash of Tantra, Yoga and Neo-Tantra, as well as a lot of cultural baggage, misinterpretation and general ignorance, and you're ready to unravel the knots so that you can find a clear, concise and traditionally grounded way forward, then this program is for you.

Welcome, it is an honour to have your company...

Here's What You'll Get

Tantrik Quest is a 36 Chapter (or 36 week) course that introduces you to the fundamentals of Classical Tantra

  • 36 beautifully designed Chapters (released to you one week at a time throughout the program)

  • A practice journal with space for you to schedule your daily tasks, reflect on what you're learning and keep track of your practice

  • A poster that covers the entire program at a glance and enables you to track your progress

Each Chapter Includes

Each Chapter provides the opportunity to explore theory, philosophy and practice

  • Detailed philosophy and theory aimed at giving you a thorough understanding of how Consciousness works and how the human being fits into the cosmos through the lenses of Tantra, Yoga and Sanskrit

  • A map / diagram illustrating the fundamentals of the theory to make it easier to grasp

  • A practice (or practices) to help you lay the right foundation for ongoing Tantrik study and practice if that's what you choose

  • Reflection questions to get you thinking more deeply about your conditioned, habitual and reactive way of living so that you can transform your experience of life

This Course is For You If...

You're interested in discovering and exploring the foundations of Classical Tantra

  • You've already explored Neo-Tantra and you've intuited that there's more to it, but you're not sure what

  • You've been practising Yoga for years and you're ready to go deeper

  • You discovered Tantra somewhere in your travels and you're curious about what it has to offer

  • You want to lay the right foundation and cultivate a lifestyle that facilitates spiritual practice

  • You've been searching for a spiritual perspective on life, one that is grounded on a body positive, world embracing and holistic view of reality

This Course Isn't For You If...

If you're looking for advanced Tantrik practice, mantra initiation or Neo-tantrik practices

  • You won't be introduced to esoteric Tantrik practice, or secret Tantrik rituals

  • You won't be initiated into a lineage, or a mantra sadhana, and you won't gain magical powers

  • You won't learn how to have better sex and multiple orgasms or generate and chase peak experiences

  • This isn't another video course. Each chapter contains written theory, diagrams, practice/s and reflection questions that you have to engage with and apply to your daily life