Here's What You'll Get...

Here's what you'll get with the solo, self-paced, home study option

  • 36 beautifully designed Chapters (released to you one week at a time throughout the program)

  • A practice journal with space for you to schedule your daily tasks, reflect on what you're learning and keep track of your practice

  • A poster that covers the entire program at a glance and enables you to track your progress

  • Ask questions and request feedback via the discussion forum


Things for you to consider before enrolling in the solo, self-paced, home study option

  • How long does the Tantrik Quest program go for?

    The program contains 36 Chapters (or 36 weekly lessons). For the self-paced option, you can work at your own pace. However, keep in mind that you have 1 year in total to complete the program. One Chapter will be unlocked every seven days after you begin the program – meaning that the shortest amount of time it will take you to complete the program is 36 weeks (aka you cannot go faster than one Chapter per week). However, you are welcome to go at your own pace.

  • How long do I have to complete the program?

    Your access to the Tantrik Quest program is live / valid for 1 year from the date you enrol. That means you have 52 weeks in total to complete the 36 Chapters.

  • What happens if I get too busy to complete the program within the 1 year time frame?

    Life often gets in the way of getting things done, even if your best intentions in the beginning were to complete what you’ve started. You have 12 months to complete the 36 Chapters of the Tantrik Quest program. Please keep this in mind when you enrol. You must take responsibility for the commitment you make and for working your way through the program. If unforeseen circumstances get in the way of you completing the program within 1 year, you can contact support and request an extension. Extensions will only be granted for genuine delays to your capacity to complete the program that were out of your control.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program content, or if doesn’t meet my expectations?

    The short answer is no. However, you are always welcome to ask the question, put forward your case and it will be considered. However, Tantrik Quest reserves the right to refuse all such requests.

  • Do I need to have studied Tantra to participate?

    No, you don’t. Tantrik Quest is specifically designed to provide a thorough introduction to Classical Tantra (through the lens of Kashmir Shaivism). All participants are welcome, from complete beginners to those who have already studied some Tantra, Neo-Tantra, and Yoga. Tantrik Quest is the perfect complement to any other study and practice you may have already done. It is also perfect for newbies.

  • Are you teaching sacred sexuality, offering initiation, mantra sadhana or advanced esoteric practices?

    No. Tantrik Quest is an introductory offering that enables you to discover, explore and understand the foundations of Classical Tantra. Sacred sexuality (Neo-tantra) is discussed in one Chapter, but there are no sexuality practices taught as part of the program. Nor are there any type of initiation, mantra sadhana or advanced esoteric practices offered. Practices are designed to balance and harmonise your body-mind, realign your lifestyle to Nature and provide you with a solid foundation for more advanced practice if you decide (after completion) that you want to walk the Tantrik path proper.

Tantrik Quest

Chapters 1 to 36

  • 2

    Part 1

    • 1. Svādhyāya: Sacred Study of the Self

    • 2. Darśana: The View & Traditions, Lineages, Schools

    • 3. Tantra, Yoga & Neotantra: Which One Aligns With What You Want?

    • 4. Dvaita & Advaita: Dual & Non-Dual Paths

    • 5. Pravṛtti & Nivṛtti: Householder & Renunciate Paths

    • 6. Puruṣārtha & Āśrama: The Purpose & Stages of a Human Life

    • 7. Mokṣa, Kaivalya & Nirvāṇa: Which Version of Liberation Are You Aiming For?

    • 8. Vijñāna & Jñāna: Knowledge Versus Self-Knowledge

    • 9. Tantra & Āgama: Manuals For Application

    • 10. Viveka & Tarka: Discernment & Divine Reasoning

    • 11. Bhoga & Bodha: Enjoyment & Awakening

    • 12. Rasa & Ānanda: Desire & Bliss

  • 3

    Part 2

    • 13. Sādhana, Saṃgha & Satsaṅga: Lifestyle or Hobby

    • 14. Āyurveda: The Science of Life

    • 15. Āsana: Cultivating a Steady Foundation

    • 16. Prāṇāyāma: Cultivating the Life Force

    • 17. Yantra: The Geometric Forms of Consciousness

    • 18. Mantra: The Sonic Forms of Consciousness

    • 19. Devatā: Deities as Emanations of Consciousness

    • 20. Bhāvanā: Awareness Cultivation

    • 21. Antaḥkaraṇa & Śarīra: The Three Bodies & The Human Apparatus

    • 22. Saṃskṛta: The Architecture of Consciousness

    • 23. Kuṇḍalinī: The Source of All

    • 24. Catur Upāya: The Means of Self-Realisation

  • 4

    Part 3

    • 25. Kula, Maṇḍala & Kṣetra: Group(s), Assembly(ies) & the Playing Field of Life

    • 26. Tri Guṇa, Pañca Bhūta & Tri Doṣa: The Constituents of the Cosmos

    • 27. Tri Mala & Tri Granthi: The Contractions & Restrictions of the Self

    • 28. Pañca Avasthā: The Five States of Consciousness

    • 29. Kañcuka, Kośa & Kleśa: The Coverings of the Self

    • 30. Pañca Śakti: The Five Powers of Consciousness

    • 31. Pañca Prāṇa: The Five Pranas

    • 32. Pañca Kṛtya: The Five Acts of Consciousness

    • 33. Catur Vāk: The Four Levels of Speech

    • 34. Puryaṣṭaka: The City of Eight

    • 35. Trikoṇa: The Foundation of Experience

    • 36. Tattva: You Are That, You Are All These Things

  • 5


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